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They began a journey to change the world.


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An incredible Adventure


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In Episode I, Zero Point - Power of the gods, the harnessing of the Zero Point Field becomes a reality. 

In Episode II, Zero Point - The Independence, Humanity is catapulted to the stars during a time of great peril.  All the while, amidst the backdrop of turbulence and uncertainty, an unobtrusive individual is quietly discerning the True Power of the Zero Point Field.

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An incredible Adventure

Zero Point – The Independence, presents a seamless insertion into an incredible adventure… I was delighted with the way the characters from episode one are re-introduced, providing the reader with just enough background information to join with the quest. - Leland Burch, The Greer Citizen

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ISBN: 9780595528226 (paperback) 9780595516001 (hardback) 9780595628742 (e-book)


On a wind swept prairie in west Texas, a small group of scientists dared to dream...


They changed the   world.



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Reviews of
Episode I


The Greer Citizen: (Page 1)

By Leland Burch

Editor Emeritus

           The hellish beam tore into the enemy’s shielding, causing the ship to rock. The effect upon the LZ was immediate and intense as the thunderous echoes of battle now became a steady roar. Within seconds, the enemy ship ceased firing.

“Good God,” whispered Garcia as he lowered his weapon to shield his eyes. The Apollo’s beam weapon chewed at the enemy’s shielding, but the radiant heat forced Garcia to retreat. Seeking refuge, he moved towards the west gate to use the Humvee as a heat shield.

Green slouched behind his 50-caliber to shield himself from the intense heat, “This is insane! We’re like little insects watching two dinosaurs battle it out!”

 This passage is from the adventure novel, “Zero Point – Power of the gods”, by William James.

The book follows two college professors on a journey to inspect recently discovered artifacts in Mammoth Cave. An astrophysicist and an ex-navy join them in exploring a new area of the cavern where they find an alien spacecraft that apparently has been waiting 6,000 years for its owners to return.

The discovery rapidly becomes a high-stakes adventure for a future without dependency upon fossil fuels and even the survival of humanity.

Based on science and history, the novel builds on an ancient history to take a bold leap forward as mankind discovers how extra-terrestrials have harnessed Zero Point Energy, the universe’s unlimited source of free energy.

William James has laced the novel with suspense, intrigue and battles of flying saucers. The book is a page-turner, engrossing for all ages without resorting to foul language or torrid romance to keep readers hooked.

“Zero Point” should be required reading for middle school students, for it will open young minds to the endless possibilities of exotic future scientific discoveries and space travel. The novel also reveals that archeology and anthropology are worthwhile pursuits that can unlock secrets that can impact the future.

The book would make a fantastic movie, matching the excitement delivered by the Indiana Jones box office hits.

Working several hours a day, William James spent two years writing the book. It is the first in a planned trilogy. The next book will find the world rapidly changing as fossil fuels become a thing of the past.

Zero Point never slows down! Posted on

E. Farish - Texas USA

I recently took a trip with my wife and was disappointed to find that not only had I forgotten the book that I had planned to read on our week long vacation but there was not a decent open book store to be found in town! With rough weather threatening to keep us indoors I had to act fast. So I hopped on my iPhone Kindle app and found Zero Point: power of the gods. After reading the generous amount of sample chapters I was hooked! What a fun story This great new adventure series is off to a BANG of a start! Although I found that that I'm now going to have to wait for the second installment I will tell you that I will be one of the first to make the purchase. Not to worry; there's no crazy cliff-hanger here to worry about. The author, William James had mercy and did provide the reader with a good resolution while letting us know that there is still some unfinished business and much to look forward to! 

An inspiring look at our energy future!

Julie Price - New York USA

I learned so much about what can be if we focus our lives to peruse a goal. This book has truly opened my eyes and instilled a curiosity in me that I haven't felt since I was a child. An inspiring look at our energy future! I recommend it to every one, young or old.

This book blew me away!

Jason Harris - Michigan USA

I’m not a big Sci-Fi fan but this book blew me away. I read it, off and on for several evenings at bedtime, but when I finished chapter eleven I was hooked, I couldn’t put it down. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book.

Incredible story! Posted on

By Pamela Putnam - Tennessee USA

This book is fantastic. I wasn't able to put it down. It takes the reader on an unexpected fast-paced adventure. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment. If I were rich I would buy the movie rights.


A hard book to put down. Posted on,


By Debbie L. Yurchison - Ohio USA


I found it very hard to put this book down because while reading it I kept asking myself questions like: Can this kind of technology really come to pass? And has the earth actually been visited by these aliens? Will a new type of industrial revolution take place? Anyone with a curious mind has to ponder these types of questions and with shows such as the History channel and Coast to Coast talking about these things I've come to realize that anything is possible.
The author William James seems to have done his homework in several different areas of technical subject matter and as a result he has created a very thought-provoking fiction novel.
I'm glad it ended with "to be continued" which to me says that there's more to come. Can't wait!

I give it two thumbs up.

Andrew Sauers - Michigan, USA

I love science fiction but Zero Point; Power of the gods is truly an exciting journey. The book (over 500 pages) is a stirring ride for sure. Science and archeology are skillfully intertwined to create a stimulating adventure. A must read for any science fiction enthusiast. I give it two thumbs up.

A wonderful story of hope!

Daniel Foster - New York, USA

In this time of energy shortages and price gouging, I was happy to read a story that offers hope. Zero Point Power of the gods, has shown me that we don't have to go the way of the dinosaur. There is a way out of this cycle of energy shortages and corruption. If we, as a species would make a real effort to harness this Zero Point Energy, our future survival on this tiny planet would be assured and we would be free to explore our solar system, with manned ships. Eventually we would reach out to other solar systems. I love this book!

A refreshing adventure!

Judy Lambert - Florida, USA

Zero Point: Power of the gods is a refreshing adventure. It is truly a thought provoking quest. As a parent, I would recommend this to any teenager who wonders about the future. The book has no cussing or sex, though there is some violence. When I finished the book, I passed it to my 14 year old daughter and she loves it. My 12 year old son will read it next. The book is for all ages and I would tell anyone who enjoys an adventure that offers hope for the world to get this book.

I am not a reader but this book is fantastic!

Mary A. Carson - New Jersey, USA

I love science fiction but I am not a book reader. A friend suggest this book to me and wow! I read the entire book (533 pages) in three days. I love it. It opened my eyes to the wonderful  possibilities if we could harness this Zero Point Energy. It made me laugh and it made me cry. but it also made me think. The story offers hope for our little world and I will keep this book and read it whenever the gloom and doom of this world oppresses me.

Amazing and intriguing! Posted on,

William Clark - South Carolina, USA

This is by far the best book I have ever read! William James has a unique way to capture the readers attention and imagination. The way he has incorporated, history, science, and an adventure tale is amazing as well as intriguing! This book will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more. You literally will not be able to put this book down!

I could not put this book down!

Shirley Fenton - California, USA

I do most of my reading when I go to bed but this book has caused sleep deprivation. I would recommend this book to anyone. The book is an easy read adventure, a cross between Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I really, really loved the story and I even learned a few thing about Physics, a subject that I was not familiar with. I can't wait for the sequel.

Excellent mind stimulating book! Posted on,

Jacob T. Williams Jr. - South Carolina, USA

This book absolutely will change the way you view the stars, both stationary and "falling". The Author obviously has very passionate abilities in researching various theories and his writings have inspired my future readings into other intelligent life as well as continual following of quantum physics theories. Highly recommended reading!

Consider the possibilities!

by Dan Sewell Ward; The Library of ialexandriah 

William James, in his Zero Point - Power of the gods has taken what in hindsight might be viewed as a logical if not obvious extension and linked the physics of Zero Point Energy with the power sources of the ancient gods, aka the Anunnaki. Admittedly, Mr. James presents the connection as "an adventure series which focuses on the unlimited potentials of Zero Point Energy and the ancient gods of civilizations long past." The fact remains, however, that one can learn far more history from historical novels than from so-called non-fiction, the latter being merely a limited interpretation of the facts with said interpretation being constrained by being forced to adhere to mainstream, traditional interpretations. The wealth of Mr. James' efforts derives furthermore from connecting physics and history in such a manner so as to give greater credibility to both. A notable bonus is the fact that Mr. James' writings can also "stir the reader’s imagination to consider the possibilities of this fantastic energy source."

The most incomprehensible

thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.

Albert Einstein


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2024 BCE – A NUCLEAR BLAST DESTROYED THE ANUNNAKI SPACE PORT – This incident was recorded by several ancient cultures.

April 2000; the scientific journal Geology published a report titled “Climate Change and the Collapse of the Akkadian Empire”, which concluded that unusual climate change ...gave rise to dust storms which carried unusual “atmospheric mineral dust” across the southern Mesopotamia and into the Persian Gulf. The report concluded that an uncommon dramatic event occurred some 4025 years ago; approximately 2024 B.C.E.

April 2001; the scientific journal Science published a report on events in ancient Mesopotamia which refers to evidence in Kuwait, Syria and Iraq and the “widespread abandonment of the alluvial plain”. They theorized that this abandonment must have been due to dust storms that racked the region in 2024 B.C.E.

These two scientific studies failed to reach any definite conclusion but they both agreed that a dusty wind played a part in the abandonment of the Mesopotamian region. What they failed to realize or simply ignored are the ancient historical tablets and writings which record the collapse of the Sumerian civilization in 2024 B.C.E. These historical documents put the blame squarely on an “Evil Wind” which killed all whom it touched.

“And Abraham got up early in the morning… and he looked toward Sodom and Gomorra and toward all the land of the Plain, and beheld, and lo, vapor went up from the earth as the smoke of a furnace.” The year was 2024 B.C.E.

To this day you can find burnt and blackened rocks in and around this Plain where Sodom and Gomorra once stood. These rocks contain a highly unusual ratio of the U-235 isotope leading many experts to agree that a sudden nuclear heat is responsible.

As recorded by the Sumerians, 2024 B.C.E. an all out war ensued with Enki’s humans against Enlil’s humans. Sodom and Gomorrah took the brunt of the action and were completely destroyed by an attack from the air. They were A-bombed by Enki’s sons, Ninurta and Ningal. The (radioactive) fallout of their actions then resulted in the final destruction of the Sumerian civilization (2024 B.C.E.)


6,000 years ago, the Sumerians documented every planet in our solar system. In 2,500 B.C. The Temple of Osiris at Abydos was is constructed. Inside the temple there are stone carvings of a helicopter, a jet aircraft, a hover craft and a submarine. In recent times, around the world archeologists have discovered thousands of stone carvings and clay tablets, documenting the Anunnaki and their time on planet Earth. Inspired by the writings of Zechariah Sitchin and Michael Tellinger; based on actual discoveries in many fields of modern science and the ancient records of civilizations long past. Zero Point - Power of the gods, will reveal the distant past and a possible future for humanity.

Nevada, 1922; a perfectly fossilized shoe sole was discovered inside of Triassic rock… the Triassic period is dated between 200 to 250 million years ago.

Arkansas, 1948; an iron pot was discovered inside of a large chunk of coal… the coal was dated to have form...ed over 300 million years ago.

Illinois, 1870; a copper coin with unknown writing on it was discovered at a depth of 114 feet during the routine drilling of a well. The Illinois State Geological Survey estimated the strata at that depth formed during the Yarmouthian Interglacial period between 200,000 and 400,000 years ago.

Utah, 1968; a shoe print was discovered in inside of a block of shale which was dated to have formed between 505 to 590 million years ago.

New Mexico, 1897; near perfect human footprints were found in rock that formed during the Permian period, 248 to 290 million years ago.

Many human footprints have been found alongside of and inside of dinosaur footprints yet traditional Darwinists simply write these discoveries off as anomalies or problematic and choose to ignore them. It is not merely ignorance on the part of these so called intellectuals, it is conspired ignorance and that falls under the definition of a fool.

The density of Zero Point energy is so immense that it has been estimated, the amount of Zero Point Energy in a cup of empty space is more than enough to boil away the oceans of the world.

Zero Point Energy has the unlimited potential to transform our civilization and turn planet Earth into a modern garden of Eden, but here are a few questions to ponder as you read Zero Point - Power of the gods.

  • Will humanity find the political will to harness the unlimited potentials of Zero Point Energy?

  • Will the harnessing of Zero Point Energy eliminate the need for fossil fuels and if so what real impact will this have on global warming and/or climate change?

  • A hundred years after we harness Zero Point Energy, what will our civilization look like?

  • When we finally do harness Zero Point Energy, will our political agendas and corruption prevent us from eliminating hunger and poverty?

According to ancient tablets and manuscripts, including the Bible, the Anunnaki once ruled this planet that we call Earth.

  • Are the ancient Anunnaki still visiting planet Earth?

  • Are the Anunnaki selectively forcing humans into slavery?

  • Of the few genuine UFO sightings, could any of these UFO's be Anunnaki spacecraft?

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A few words from William James